Oil Resistant Belt

Oil Resistant Belts

The Synthetic fabric is impervious to oil, turps, moisture and rot. the top and bottom covers are made of oil and terpen-resistant black rubber, so that they retain their shape, hardness,and surface charectoristics, also available OHR (Oil & Heat Resistant) Belt.

Oil resistant conveyor belts are immensely used for conveying the components & parts coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants & electric power generating plants. These oil resistant belts are also used for carrying soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials containing non-polar organic solvents & fuel.

Flawlessly designed these oil resistant belts are not effected by paraffin oil, naphthene-based oils, petrol, animal or vegetable fats etc. Our oil resistant belts are in line with international quality standards and hence most sought after in the global markets.


  • Excellent resistance to damaging effects while conveying oil contaminated or treated materials.
  • Available into 2 types as per cover properties: Anti-abrasive type & Ordinary type

Grade Tensile Strength Elongation At Break Max Abrasion Loss Plymer/ Rubber Working Temp Range Application
Oil Resistant MPA MM3 - Degrees - -
OR 15 300% 150 NBR Blend -30 TO + 60 For Material Like Grain, Refuse,Woodchips, Fertilizers Coated With Oil, Coated Coal/Coke etc
MOR 12 300% 300 NBR Blend -30 TO + 50 For Material with moderate ammount of oil like grain,refuse, recycling waste,woodpulp, pinewood etc.

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